creative people i LOVE

Now that I'm at home even more, I have time to appreciate all the things in our home that I love ... and I want to share them with you, as a way to stay creative and work on my photography skills (playing with different light etc) ... I'll try and share a new #thingsilove flat lay with you every few weeks and talk you through why I recommend the things in them;

IMG_0145 - small.jpg

I introduce to you #creativepeopleiLOVE ...  things that come from awesome businesses (big & small) that I want show off, some things that come from creative people you should know about (if you don't already) ... other just cool things I've got from favourite shops I've mine ...

1/ First up: I've mentioned it on Instagram stories before but for any 'coffee table' book lovers that are interior obsessed ... @rockettstgeorge's new book is a must! It's quirky and playful interiors are moody, colourful and oh so inspiring ... I'm actually really enjoying reading this one too (I'm often one to just look at the photos) They are a UK online shop that I myself have paid the freight costs to get my hands on some of their quirky homewares 🙌🏼

Before I go on ... this colour palette! Have any other 'green' lovers also moved away from 'emerald green' and gone more 'teal green' this season? ... I am constantly changing things around our home but varying shades of green, blue and purple can always be seen ... have you tried this colour palette in your home? 

2 / my new addiction ... Silent D shoes 😍 so comfy! I highly recommend checking out their collection. 

3 / Other great purchases from a recent day trip to Byron Bay is the 'body scrub sample' from Summer Salt and a new 'nail polish' from Kester Black, the colours are always awesome from this brand! 

4/ Green sunglasses from Country Road, still the favourites ... 6 months on! 

5 / The throw rug and cushion are currently decorating my main bedroom but are likely to move around our home no doubt ... they are from my ultimate bedding favourite, Adairs. 

Hopefully you've found a new business you love too, or spotted something you'd like to get for yourself ... you are welcome to join in on this too, share a #creativepeopleiLOVE photo ... and put together your own #thingsilove flat lay with pieces from around your home.