The business is made up of 3 service categories ... The photo shoots (styling, photography or both) and the marketing (social media, website creating etc) for businesses ... and also the interior design services for residential or commercial projects. 

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Styling & Photography 

Having always dreamed of being a photo stylist but wanting to stay living in her hometown on the southern end of the Gold Coast. Tanika was thrilled when she discovered a gap in the industry. Suddenly with the rise of social media, small independent businesses were expected to have the same quality of photography as you would see in a magazine. So with some great first clients, she was able to trial and test how she could do this work for her favourite local businesses without costing them a fortune … Now 4+ years later this is the most in-demand service of her business. And now she’s not only serving companies on the Gold Coast but travels around Australia to work with companies that particularly like how Tanika styles and brings to light their products.

How it works:

Depending on the product … will determine how the photo shoot will be organised and how many photos can be produced in the time booked. Tanika can do everything for you … provide props, hunt out a location, liaison with home or store owner, do all the set up etc all herself and/or with the help of Leanne if it is a bigger product. Or if you would like to be involved and have more control over the finished product, you are welcome to come along to the shoot and work with Tanika to get exactly what you have envisioned for your product. You are also welcome to find the location for the shoot yourself if you have somewhere in mind. Every shoot is different and hard to put a flat rate on so you are always best emailing Tanika with details and examples of what you are after and she will send you a quote and give you a rough guesstimate of how many photos she will be able to supply for you (all edited of course). Bookings generally need to be made 2 months in advance.

It's completely your choice if you just want Tanika to do the photography side of the shoot, and you can style it yourself, or have someone else style it ... and vice versa, if you just want her to style and get someone else to do the photography or do the photography yourself. She is all for collaborating with other creatives and open to any ideas. 

This isn't just limited to homewares and furniture products (though that it is what she is most known for), Tanika has also had a lot of experience in property photography, profile shots, stationary, fabric and finishes, beauty products and would love to be doing more food related products. 

Her photos are not limited just to social media, her quality photography is most often used all over her clients websites, emails and other marketing, whether that is in print or online. Her work has been used as big as a billboard and in many magazines and on well known blogs. 


Click here to view the portfolio. 

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Interior Design & E-Styling

Tanika has a commercial arts diploma (specialising in Interior Design & Decoration) and both Leanne and Tanika have worked in numerous homes along the Gold Coast over the last 7+ years. They are interiors magazine, instagram and blogaholics so are full of inspiration and ideas for your home or commercial space. They are also serial product researchers, the more you know ... the more choices you have to make the right decisions for each home.  If your home is in need of some tender, love and care … you need some fresh ideas, or just need help finding a particular home accessory or piece of furniture you’ve been on the hunt for … give us a call, we’d love to help you with your “interiors” troubles and make the whole, renovating or redecorating process much more fun!

Services available include: full interior design work, colour consultations, finishes decisions, interior styling, furniture and homewares sourcing, one room or the whole house, property styling, residential or commercial projects. If you have something in mind and you are not sure if we do it just get in contact and we will let you know if we can help. 

'A lot of our clients really do know what they want but just need a little help making the final decisions, and the vision to see how it will all work out. We may be able to find something just that little bit more interesting than what you had in mind or reassure you the decisions you are making will or won’t work. Does this sound like you?  Contact us here.

We are also now offering E-Styling so that we can help give your home that ‘wow’ factor no matter where you are in the world. All you have to do is provide us with photos of the rooms in your home you would like some help with and some inspiration pics of the kind of style you would like and we will take it from there.

Known for 'coastal' styles mainly because they live on the Gold Coast and that is a popular choice for their clients, Tanika & Leanne are open to many different interiors styles, appreciating anything from Art Deco, Hamptons, Country Chic, Modern Contemporary to Industrial... Tanika loving more crazy, eclectic looks with a lot of colour and interesting pieces, as you can see in her 'home reveal' blog posts. Just ask and we will let you know if it's a style we are confident we can do for you.

Graphic/Website Design, 

Branding & Marketing

We are open to ideas for how we can help you expand your business and get the right people seeing your products or services … We work with a variety of businesses in this area of marketing. Here are some examples of the creative work we have done for one particular independent business we have been working with for over 4 years now.

 The business is The Beach Furniture:

As well as designing their website (which is an on-going process), running all their social media (Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest), creating and curating content, running market campaign’s for sales, events and competitions, write and create blog posts, designing and writing newsletters for their database … we have also designed a billboard for them, a printed catalogue and various other stationary and signage pieces. Of course we also do all their styling and photography work.

Other businesses we work with in this area of marketing for you to check out:

Tailored Space InteriorsShellmac DistributorsUrban Road.

And businesses we have done the ‘start up’ for:

Salvage ImportsAnchored in Byron and Moosh Hair Studio.

Yes if you just need help getting started, whether it is a brand new business or just needing a good re-fresh.  These services in marketing are available to you in whatever way you need, we can even teach you how to do a lot of these things yourself ... or if you don't want to worry yourself about it, just let us work our magic ourselves.  

Services include: Website designing & building, graphic design for both print & online, branding, social media marketing & online presence. 

If you have any questions or would like to see more examples of our work in this area please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0422714514 or